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Awesome, President Trump Trumps Pelosi, Cancels Foreign Trip Of Deep State Treachery

Today, President Trump stepped up pressure on the DemonRats and cancelled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to foreign nations where she obviously hoped to undermine our duly elected President Trump. However, always remember, when they undermine our President they undermine us, we the people.

President Trump called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to join him in providing for border security for our nation and end the government shut down.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s answer was (hell no, we don’t care about the safety of the American people or the 800,000 workers not receiving paychecks). Shutdown Showdown continues.

All this could be very easily ended by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi simply agreeing to and providing the funds requested by President Trump to secure our border.

However, the truth of the matter is the DemonRats want illegal aliens in our country to illegally and unconstitutionly vote for them to dilute American Citizen votes so they win. Also, the DemonRats want MS-13 gang running amuck in our country to kill off Christian Americans. See following illustrations.

Stay tuned to further updates.


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