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DemonRats Assassination Attempts Against President Trump

“Bigger than 25th amendment attempt to remove”, meaning there have already been major assassination attempts on @realDonaldTrump, and we have evidence for these.

DemonRat Deep State Treachery

Last year on June 12th, Q posted this photo of what looked to be a missile, saying “this is not a game”. This photo was taken June 10th overlooking Whidbey Island in WA by a weather photographer. When this was taken, Trump was on his way to the summit with N Korea in Asia.

The mainstream media tried playing this off as “just a helicopter” that the photograph was taken of. The cover story Q was mentioning today. That sure does not look like a photo of a helicopter to me.

Back on June 12th, Q then quickly gave us this saying “think hack”, which could infer that rogue actors hacked the sub that launched the missile directed at AF1 en route to Asia.

Ironically on June 8th, 2 days before the “helicopter” incident, the MSM reported that “China Hacked U.S. Navy Contractor To Obtain Sub Secrets”. Were they setting up the markers for a false flag here? If POTUS was downed, blame on China? Interesting???

Thankfully, an assassination never happened. A few hours before posting about the missile and sub on June 12th, Q gave us this photograph, which Anons determined was an original photo from Q taken over Alaska. If you zoom in, you can see it looks like the missile was intercepted.

Q posted today, “Coincidence re: AF1 re: CA route NK?” A flight path from California to the Korea’s would take you over a small portion of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, which has 57 volcanoes. More evidence that our photograph above was the missile interception.

Then, in another Q post from this morning, they linked a tweet from @SevenFlamingos, who noticed that the US Army tweeted about the THAAD anti-ballistic missile defense system the same day Q brought back the June 12th “helicopter/missile” incident. What a coincidence???

In a quick search on THAAD, you will find this Stars & Stripes article about a successful test over the North Pacific last year. “The target missile… was detected, tracked and intercepted by a THAAD battery at Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska in Kodiak..”

Kodiak, that’s right there next to the Aleutian Islands. If there was, in fact, a missile heading for AF1, the THAAD system based in Kodiak is likely what was activated to take it down >> Q’s photograph over Alaska of what looked to be an intercepted missile.

A president for freedom, truth, and prosperity that a horribly corrupted Deep State wants to take out is on his way to North Korea. The jet that the president is in is heading from CA to Asia over the North Pacific.

They send a missile his way, hacked from a sub near Whidbey Island, WA. Missile gets taken out by THAAD missile defense systems over Alaskan islands in the North Pacific. We learn of this all through hints told via a backchannel communication line popularly known as #Qanon

Moral of the story, The president is very well insulated, and him and his family are putting their lives on the line for us. These corrupted Deep State folks will go to no ends to avoid defeat, but their defeat is inevitable.

Join us on for this and other great awakening stories. Truth lives here. Join and help spread the word. Patriots United.

Patriots United On

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