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Did The Deep State Order An Attack On Americans In Syria To Prevent Pullout Of Troops?

It certainly does appear to be the case. All DemonRats were against pullout as well as their deep state allies at the pentagon. It is well known fact John McCain and top DemonRats met with Isis while Obama was president. Is Isis a propped up puppet of the CIA? This certainly is a strong possibility.

Here is a who’s who list of Isis and guess who.
It appears the Deep State WAS laundering money through Isis and aiding and abetting an enemy of the U.S.A. TREASON
Here is McCain, the DemonRats ally kicking back with Isis leaders. The MSM never showed you this.

All suicide bombings are pre-planned and well thought out, especially targets of meetings. How would Isis have access to information about meetings between allied forces, unless someone on the inside is feeding them info. The DEEP STATE operatives in the know passed this info on and ordered the attack so public pressure could be applied to President Trump’s decision to draw down and pullout of Syrian civil war. Why do the DemonRats and Deep State want to keep American forces involved in the Syrian civil war? What do they have to gain? We can easily support our allies from the air without troops on the ground.


This was taken from video of bombing. Notice the finger pointing to cafe where happened? They never seem to forget their cameras when they kill Americans. Helps to sensationalize and sway public opinion. They had that video delivered to media very quickly too. Can you say inside connection?
Then there is the aftermath shots to show how targeted and surgical the attack was.

Then there’s this. Is this a signal to Syrian Isis leaders?

Could be, seeing as it happened on same day as Kenya terror attack, which was also signaled by Obama. So, why are Isis and al shabab leaders taking orders from Obama? Code speak is not new and seems to be happening a lot by DemonRat Deep State leaders and ex-leaders over past 2 years.

Are the DemonRats and Deep State funneling tax-payer dollars to our enemies through Syria? Follow the money, Find the truth!!!

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Together we will win this war that was forced upon on us.

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