Install TTA on Android

In this tutorial you will learn how to install the Trump Train Army app on Android.

Install with Google Chrome

This app isn’t a standard app and it can not be installed from the Play Store because upon submission the app was blocked and we were censored before we went live with it.

  1. Go to and be sure if you are logged in, to log out.
  2. Click on return to Trump Train Army link under the login screen.
  3. Once the page loads, you should see a screen like this…

4. Once you click “Add TTA to Home screen” a dialog will pop up and then press ADD. Then the app will be installed into your phone. Depending on you launcher either the app will be on your home screen or in the list of apps.

5. Now just locate the TTA app on your phone and tap it, now the app will launch and you can signin to your account.

Install via Firefox

You can also achieve the same results with Firefox, as long as it is Firefox 58 or newer.

Install via Opera Browser

The TTA app can be installed using Opera Browser as well. It must be Opera 32 for Android or newer.

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