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Is David Hogg A Stage Name For Jonathan Joseph Schneider?

A year ago on February 14, 2018 David Hogg came to be known as a student at Parkway High School that recorded video on his phone of active shooting going on at the school. This was the first time, and only time a student was aware enough to record video using his cell phone. Usually, students are too busy calling 911 or their parents to record video. But was David Hogg a student there, or was he a plant to promote gun control as he did and continues to do? Is David Hogg a real person, or is he a made up stage name for reality actor?

In training at cnn on how to make a lie believable.

After a great deal of research and digging through public records, communicating with people who knew him or knew of him; we have discovered that David Hogg is in fact a made up stage name and does not exist except in media. His real name and name he goes by for all interactions in life is Jonathan Joseph Schneider. He is in fact 22 years of age and was 21 at the time of Parkland School shooting. So, it would have been impossible for him to be an actively enrolled student there.

Here is his graduation class, he is trying to build his stage name as real name. A search will show that David Hogg was never there, but Jonathan Schneider was. Same photo.

In fact, He graduated from high school at Redondo Beach High School in 2015 at the age of 18. He then moved to Florida with his parents in June of 2015.

All of these are reality actors with stage names that take part in murder all across our land to promote gun control.
Here are all the reality actors celebrating their parts in murders of high school kids to promote gun control.

Yes, his FBI dad is in fact his stepdad and not his biological dad. His biological dad is one Joseph Nicholas Schneider age 63 who lives in Florida and runs a boat business there, and has been financially helping or supporting Jonathan for a long time and continues to do so. It is also of note that Jonathan has an older brother named Kristofer Josef Schneider age 26 that lives in Minnesota. Yes, the biological dad has been supporting him too.

Here an antifa group outs him for what he is. They prob felt snubbed by him.

With the discovery of all this, it can only point to one thing. And that is that the Parkland School shooting was planned months or more than a year in advance of it happening. Also, it implicates Jonathan Schneider aka David Hogg as an accomplice in that he would have to have known what day and time to show up at the school and pretend to be a student. Not only to pretend to be a student, but to also get inside the building to shoot video with his phone from a classroom. This makes him guilty of conspiracy to commit terrorist act, conspiracy to commit murder, accomplice to terrorist act, and accomplice to murder. For the sole reason that he knew what was gonna happen well in advance and did nothing to stop it, but rather took part in it.

FBI stepdad recruits him into deep state activities.

Yes, he dreamed of being an actor and he became a reality actor that took part in murder and terrorism.

Building up his stage name.

Truth has finally prevailed. You shall know the truth and it will set you free.

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