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Is Truth Of Sebring Bank Shooting An Mk- Ultra Programmed Human Robot?

This was definitely a classic case of mind control manipulation by deep state using mk ultra technique. What are the facts? How can we know this was deep state mind control? The fact they refuse to tell the motive. Modus Operandi is always, NO KNOWN MOTIVE. They cannot tell us the truth of the background of the shooters.

Zephen Xaver was arrested in the SunTrust Bank shooting in Sebring, Fl.

The motive for the shooting remains unclear. The gunman apparently had no plans to rob the bank and had no known connection to anyone there, officials said.”We believe that it was a random act,” Hoglund said. “We do not believe that anybody was specifically targeted.”When he was arrested, Xaver wore a shirt with an artist’s rendering of four apocalyptic riders. On the back, it had images of an assault rifle and a scythe.

Beware The Voice Activated Devices In Your Home
  • Zephen Xaver had dreams of killing classmates in Feb 2014 at age 16. The dreams are a sub-conscience manifestation of subliminal messages being directed into his mind via cell phone, video game, internet usage, or possibly online gaming. 
  • He reports it at school and is referred to mental health facility for counselling. Here is where LEGAL DRUGS come into play. He is most likely given a prescription of a mind altering drug, i.e. anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication. Here, he also allegedly meets Nathaniel Heitkamp, a friend who says in an interview that “He had an obsession with violence.” This is curious, as it turns out Nathaniel Heitkamp was arrested for dealing drugs and has history of violence himself. It could be that Zephen Xaver also took ILLEGAL DRUGS at some point. 
  • The subliminal messages continue to be delivered, but now are enhanced by drug that keeps him in a low alert state of mind. Possibly, even illegal drugs. 
  • He continues being drawn to violence, to where he joins army and goes to basic training in March 2016 at age 18, but for some reason washes out in June 2016. Now he has military mindset with submission to follow orders. 
  • Time passes, in March 2017 at age 19, he sends messages to female friend in Michigan that he was contemplating suicide by cop by taking hostages. Obviously, now the subliminal messaging is taking over his mind, but he is still resisting full submission due to survival instinct. So he is telling others of the thoughts in his head. However, it is not enough. His environment or affiliations continue pushing him to his programmed mission. 
  • In 2018, about the time or just after Parkland school shooting, he moves to Florida and finds employment as prison guard trainee. Could possibly have been drug dealer also, as he was associated with a drug dealer in Indiana. 
  • January 2019, he buys a gun and ammo, quits job, and on Wednesday January 23, 2019, two days after wolf blood full moon enters bank and kills 5 people inside execution style and then calmly calls 911 to report his crime, to summon police to bank. So, sometime before he purchased gun, maybe day or two before, he was activated through subliminal messaging via his cell phone which amplified the message to become a VOICE that ordered him to purchase a gun and kill people somewhere. We don’t know if location is pre-selected and ordered by handlers aka deep state or if the target chooses the place. I tend to lean toward the handlers choosing the location and day of attacks since they are able to program a person to kill to begin with. Certainly his t-shirt tells us he was pre-disposed to death and violence and possibly was part of an antifa group or some demonrat activist group of some kind. Certainly, he wanted to kill people he for some reason grew to hate. Some how he de-humanized the people he killed in his mind. It is too hard to kill people you view as people equal to yourself. 

The above timeline is lengthy and took 5 years from beginning of mind manipulation till activation to carry out killing spree. Now let’s explore the why. What narrative is being pushed by MSM? This is key to the why.

As usual they are pushing gun control, but also they are pushing TREATMENT FOR MENTAL HEALTH DISORDERS. The mental health theme is a means to codify laws to force people into taking drugs so the mind can be more easily controlled on larger mass scale. Also, they want to make it illegal to purchase a gun if you have any history of mental illness. So, it fits neatly into DemonRat narrative.

Note #1 Promote illogical thinking to discredit in public. Is this what happens with every shooting where they say no known motive?
Note #12 promote dependency on another person. This brings person under control to where they will do anything to please their caregiver.

Another odd occurrence here is that a sergeant with the county police “killed himself Saturday January 26, 2019” even though he did not take part in Sun Trust Bank scenario 3 days earlier on the 23rd. Since, he did not see the crime scene, it is odd he would be disturbed enough to commit suicide.

The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office is mourning the loss of a deputy who committed suicide. 

Sgt. Max Van D’Huynslager, 42, died Saturday morning from a self-inflicted injury.  

Van D’Huynslage, who had served in the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office since 2008, was not on duty when five women were shot and killed in a bank in Sebring.

“There is no indication that his death was in any way connected with the tragic events at the SunTrust Bank on that day.”

Before he joined the agency, Van D’Huynslager worked for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the Cape Coral Police Department and the Clewiston Police Department.

He leaves behind a wife and an 8-year-old daughter.

The news follows a rash of suicide cases involving deputies in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. 

So, what is going on around Tampa Bay??? Are these suicides AGAINST THEIR WILL, via mind control??? If so, WHY?? To what end???

Pray always and guard your thoughts.

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