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Q Posted 03 – 02 – 19

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Can you believe this? They training them all to be same and stay in line with leadership. Just like TOTALITARIANS!!!

Ever dreamed of working on a political campaign, but don’t know where to start? @traindems can help. Learn more about the new NDTC Staff Academy:

DemonRats Still fighting our duly elected President. How American is that? Not very American at all.

.@fams2gether, @ACLU and others are in Mexicali today working to reunify families the administration has separated. Help by calling @CBP now at 1-855-681-1349 and demand that CBP allow parents to apply for asylum—their legal right—so they can be reunited with their children.

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Join us on for this and other great awakening stories. Truth lives here. Join and help spread the word. Patriots United.

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