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Q Posted 03 – 04 – 19

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Q is saying here that AG Sessions and Acting AG Whitaker were there to do specific job and move out of way so the plan to expose and eliminate the Deep State can be fully realized. Both were attacked by Demonrats and had to be replaced to keep Demonrats off balance. They are trying to control the AG, but are finding it impossible since AG is revolving door. Trump is Trumping the Demonrats everywhere. High Level Arrests and Tribunals will soon happen. We are very close to being able to expose them without mass rioting.

Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has left the Justice Department, a spokesperson confirmed on Monday. According to Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec, Whitaker’s last day was on Saturday. It is not clear what his next career move will be.

Whitaker was previously Jeff Sessions’ chief of staff, and was appointed acting Attorney General in November after President Trump ousted Sessions in apparent response to Sessions recusing himself from the Russia investigation. Whitaker was removed from his post on February 14, when William Barr was sworn in as Attorney General .

Following his removal, Whitaker became a counselor with the associate attorney general’s office. Whitaker, a former Iowa state attorney with the Bush administration, reportedly drew President Trump’s attention for his criticism of the Mueller investigation while appearing on television and radio as a political commentator.

Whitaker was criticized by Democrats during his time as acting Attorney General over his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, who claimed that his responses were intentionally unclear. Whitaker agreed to return to the House Judiciary Committee to further clarify his testimony, which was deemed as “unsatisfactory, incomplete or contradicted” by Charman Jerrold Nadler.

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Yes, Is beneficial to let your enemy expose themselves for who they really are. Makes you look TEN times better when you take them out.

This is why Russia pulled out of G8. They did not want to give control og their country to Satanic Worshippers. Russia is more of an ally than an enemy. That is why the DEMONRATS want to keep Trump away from them.

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