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Q Posted 03 – 20 – 19

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Link to Ukrainian HRC scandel

Obama WH counsel faces possible prosecution in Mueller-initiated probe

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Charges from DOJ soon for former Hussein WH Counsel/Clinton-linked attorney Greg Craig for illegal unregulated overseas lobbying (1st Dem outed by Mueller SC > NY Fed prosecutors > DOJ). NY prosecutors consider similar charges >Tony Podesta.

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Once the world learns TRUTH re: coup [TREASON], it won’t be hard to believe the OTHER criminal and evil things Clintons did via Clinton Foundation (Crime Against Children, Satanic rituals, etc). There is a video of Hilary Clinton sacrificing a child to Satanic god that is very gruesome. The detectives that saw it in New York City have all been killed after they swore to release to public if FBI did not. So far the FBI refuses to release it or charge her with a crime. Unreal how deep the Deep State goes and what evils they will hide.

However President Trump WILL bring them to justice. That’s why they hate him so much.
The Trump admin strategy on the SpyGate investigations/prosecutions/indictments is not to comment or *even acknowledge their existence* until they are ready. Link to story

NOW READ THIS LETTER from Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, in which they demand new AG William Barr give them an update on the criminal referral they made to the DOJ about Andrew McCabe more than a year ago. Link to story http://NOW READ THIS LETTER from Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, in which they demand new AG William Barr give them an update on the criminal referral they made to the DOJ about Andrew McCabe more than a year ago.

NOWHERE in their letter do the two House Reps *even mention* or acknowledge the fact *there’s already a grandy jury investigation of McCabe being led by US Attorneys. The existence of that grand jury was revealed in a leak last September 6. Link to story

Note they don’t ask for any update on the GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION into McCabe that had been meeting for ‘months’ by the time it was revealed last September.

What we call “SpyGate” is more massive and far reaching than most of you know. I’ve tried to explain the actual scope of this several times, then I gave it and decided to just let it happen. U1, Russian moles, Massive bribery scandals, Illegal spying on Congress.
Entire CIA networks being rolled up. Massive exposure of top classified intelligence, including Special Access Programs. Most people have NO IDEA this goes *far* beyond just spying on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

When you *begin* rolling all this out, the ground has to be ready or there will be massive upheaval. The extent and depth of the corruption is staggering. Trump had to solidify control of fed. agencies chock full of spies and saboteurs. That was literally ALL of 2017, part 2018.

When this gets rolled out, Democrats, DNC Media, Never Trump, etc. are going to realize that it’s really being done, they’re serious about not just airing all this stuff out but also about prosecuting the people that did it, they are going to TRY to literally start a civil war.
So no, the perps are NOT going to be allowed to walk away scott free after all that they were doing has been fully exposed to the public. But the public exposure had to come FIRST and had be accepted by MOST of the public before taking the next step.
Trump knows what he’s doing.

In 2017 we had ANTIFA holding major riots in many large cities, remember THAT? Now thanks to Sessions & others, they were dispersed and now only cause problems in deepest blue places like Portland, Oregon.
And remember, all those polls over sample Demonrats.

Hussein’s mom, Ann Dunham allegedly met Obama Sr in Russian class at University of HAWAII. This was during ‘Cold War’ when USSR tensions with US & allies were high. Alpha agencies & military needed MANY Russian linguists but were they [C_A] spies/double agents FOR Russia? Link to story

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On 14 Mar, Q warned of poss False Flag attacks in US, UK, FR, IT. Today, an immigrant in IT set a school bus on fire with 51 children on board. Thank God they were rescued. That would’ve been horrific if they had burned alive & would’ve changed news cycle for days. Which is their goal when news is negative toward them (Demonrats and Deep State).

Shocking video footage of terrified children running from the school bus that was set on fire by an immigrant (originally from Senegal) in ITALY. This is truly disgusting if [they] put this guy up to this for maximum shock value.

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Article says this lunatic “has a rap sheet for drunken driving and sexual assault of a minor”. Perfect target for [them] to use in such a ghoulish plot. Shouldn’t be surprised though, they don’t value anyone’s life but their own.

Firefighters stand by the gutted remains of a bus in San Donato Milanese, near Milan, Italy

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Will ‘suicides’ increase with truth coming out re: REAL collusion to help HRC win? Time to start list of ‘suicides’. Weird that he ‘killed himself’ with book coming out in June. Here Q is telling us this is to avoid humiliation and prosecution and that many more will suicide in weeks ahead. Keep list and we will know who was involved. And,
Hussein taking credit for booming economy in statement?

Ricardo Cheaz, Bill Clinton, George Nader, Jose Calzada, Rolando Gonzalez Bunster. ‘Two mystery litigants citing privacy concerns’ making last-ditch bid to keep secret some details in lawsuit from Epstein’s history of paying underage girls for sex. Link to above

Clinton partying with pals at beach ‘in Jan. 2017 in Palmilla, Bayahibe, near so-called Paso de Catuano, very close to Isla Saona’. Resort is only accessible by private boat. Link to story

Nick Lewin was Special Counsel to Mueller & Comey; Dep Chf Criminal Div, US Atty Ofc, SDNY. He was also trial counsel in USA v. Usama bin Laden et al., & conducted many of most significant int’l terrorism jury trials since 9/11. Link to above

Assuming Rachel Chandler took pics. She procures underage girls for pedos. Link to above bottom

Majority of remaining drops spotlight Chandler [RC] who procured underage kids for Epstein & likely filmed MANY ‘powerful people’ (vile pigs) having sex with kids (blackmail material). Several drops with pics of celebs, etc. with Rachel Chandler. Nick Lewin protecting some ‘elites’ from being named?

Link to above

She was only 14 years old! Sick pigs.

Looks like this dude is related to the #

WJC w/Chandler on ‘Lolita Express’ flying to or from ‘Orgy Island’. Chandler lured powerful people to the island to get them on video having sex or doing worse to kids (blackmail).

This Midland Agency is evil. These poor kids. Good chance they aren’t even alive today. This ‘modeling agency’ is a pedo catalog. May they ALL burn in HELL.

Waris Ahluwalia is a jewelry designer who created a pendant for a gala dinner & live auction celebrating 10th Anniversary of Clinton Foundation & Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday. Pic with Rachel Chandler & Maria Abramovic.

These pics from Rachel Chandler’s active tumbler account are beyond disturbing! Is that a live or dead baby being held up on the right in some kind of Satanic Ritual?

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Virginia Roberts accused Epstein of forcing her to have sex with Prince Andrew & Alan Dershowitz (who was on flight log). Prince Andrew denied it & Alan Dershowitz settle out of court.

Peter Beard is an American artist, photographer, diarist and writer who lives and works in New York City and Kenya.
His wife had him committed for bringing home a pair of Russian hookers by telling cops he was suicidal.
Now we know what happened to Brittney Spears and why she had breakdown. She is a good girl from southern state and her conscience would not allow her to justify the evil she witnessed.

This is called “Eckhaus Latta Dazed and Confused”. Weird huh?

“Self Portrait Marfa Journal” – Is that Chandler w/camera?

Rachel Chandler with Paris Hilton

Link to above

Link about Standard Hotel

Link about Standard Hotel

Paris and Nicky Hilton who married James Rothschild at Kensington Palace in London.

Link to above

Report to FBI / DOJ. Watch what happens. Spotlight. Subject deviation. Risk. End. Q Now that FBI/DOJ house cleaning done, something will be done? Q provided link to FBI’s Tip site to report what we’re finding online. 

Join us on for this and other great awakening stories. Truth lives here. Join and help spread the word. Patriots United. 

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