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Q Posted 03 – 23 – 19

You knew this was coming! POTUS is #1 most attacked. Q is #2. Q archive sites that track visitor count (& your IP addresses) showed as high as 600K yesterday but counts dropped to low double digits.

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Newly-released txt messages between Lisa Page & Andrew McCabe show senior DOJ official had “continued concerns” re: “possible bias” of source key to FISA application. Also showed they circulated at least 2 anti-Trump blogs. One called Trump “among the major threats to the security of the country.”
The other blog called Trump a “useful idiot” for Putin. Lisa Page forwarded “unsolicited comments” calling Gowdy a “total d–k.” Most significant texts highlight DOJ concerns re: potentially biased source & underscored FBI’s desire to press on.

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MSM reporters last night looked as morose as they did on election night 2016. They know they’re screwed. They were ALL in on the coup attempt vs President Trump. They will feign shock to avoid accusations of collusion. Won’t work. As Q said: “Nobody walks away from this.”

Based on blog ref’d in texts calling Trump a national security threat, I suspect DECLAS of 20 pages of CP FISA application & related text messages may incl texts where senior FBI and DOJ officials discussed possibility of assassination.
Devin Nunes said we will be “shocked”. Not really though, we already know the CIA assassinated President Kennedy and attempted to assassinate President Reagan. This been going on for long, long, long time. But the INFORMATION AGE caught up with them.

This is what Q meant by: Post tracking sites now censoring and adjusting visitor counts? PANIC
[They] track visitors’ IP/location data & have a donation link?

Will Theresa May listen to the people? “Among the speakers were Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, who called out to Theresa May, saying: ‘Have a look out of the window prime minister. Open your curtains. Switch on your TV. Here are the people.'” She was United Nations plant to derail Brexit. The United Nations is not going to give up idea of world rule. We have to always fight. FREEDOM is not FREE!!!!

Reaction to the realization Mueller’s 2-year WITCH HUNT isn’t going to result in the impeachment of POTUS Trump, from Enemedia pundits, to elected reps, to Hollywood, is reminiscent of election night 2016. This meme succintly captures the mood on the left, typos notwithstanding. They are actually DEMONRATS!

“MY TURN” meme > Mueller report done > DECLAS > OIG reports re: FISA abuses & Clinton emails. [They] used POTUS’ kids as shields with fake perjury charges.


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