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Q Posted 03 – 29 – 19

Pic inside an Amazon Lab 126 R&D bldg. Amazon bought Ring last Feb. Ring app integrates with Alexa (which eavesdrops on us). Ring allows users to see, hear, speak to someone at your door remotely. You can bet [they] can also remotely access/intercept video.

BREAKING: Georgia House passes ‘Heartbeat Bill’ outlawing most abortions after 6 weeks

TV Networks Reject Ads for Anti-Abortion Movie

TV Networks Reject Ads for Anti-Abortion Movie

“Satan lives in our secrets,” “What we don’t confess, he owns.”
Ashley Bratcher

Hey Alyssa Milano Mother to mother, actress to actress, and as a proud Georgian, I’ve got some things to say to you. I’m incredibly proud of my home state and Gov Kemp for taking a stand in the fight for life amidst backlash and dubious threats.

White House Announces 2019 Spring Garden Tours

Join us on for this and other great awakening stories. Truth lives here. Join and help spread the word. Patriots United. 

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