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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg Makes Public Appearance & NO ONE Takes A Photo Hmmmmm

Supposedly, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg attended a concert on Monday called, “Notorious RBG in Song” in Washington, D.C., marking her first public appearance since undergoing lung cancer surgery last December. And NO ONE thought to take a photo or video of her to mark the occasion???

Sounds a little fishy to me seeing how she is supposedly so popular and all. Beginning to look more and more like DEEP STATE trickery, like when a leader of communist country dies, they don’t tell you until has been dead a long time. I say show us proof of life. I mean a major occasion like that and no photographic evidence, Come on now. We ain’t that naive.

The 85-year-old has been recuperating at her home in Washington since the procedure at New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering to remove the lower lobe of her left lung. Two nodules were discovered in a CT scan shortly after she broke ribs in a fall. She had two previous bouts with cancer, but doctors are optimistic that the surgery was successful and she is cancer free.

And I’m sure she is, one way or another. Since you all have cure you are keeping from public. Must be nice being an elite and having access to cures everyone else does not have access to.

The justice sat in the back of the darkened auditorium at the National Museum of Women in the Arts and was only spotted by concertgoers as they left the performance. Hmmmm, she was hiding. But still, everyone has cell phones. Why no photos after they supposedly saw her? They really expect us to believe a lot, don’t they.

The concert was presented by her daughter-in-law and other musicians. Patrice Michaels is married to Ginsburg’s son, James. Michaels is a soprano and composer. James Ginsburg said before the concert that his mother is walking a mile a day and meeting with her personal trainer twice a week.

Really??? A mile a day and no sightings, no photos, no videos. Wake up folks, they hiding the truth from you. Demand proof of life.

If she is so active, why was this made by a news network in January?

Join us today at as we expose the lies of the deep state and awaken the sleeping masses. Be a part of history, say you were there as active patriot.

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