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There Will NOT Be A DemonRat Impeachment Vote!!! Why? Because DemonRat Strategy Is To Accuse, Abuse, & Smear. All Is Smoke & Mirrors To Drive Voters Away From Trump. Well, They Went & Did It. Their Hate Is So Much On Display!! updated 1-19-2020

Phony Pelosi, Shifty Adam Schiff, and all DEMONRAT Committee chairs are masters at the SMEAR war. They think that a constant stream of negativity aimed at Trump will drive voters away from him and at very least slow down and impede Trump’s progress at rebuilding AMERICA.

The DEMONRATS hate AMERICA and hate all of us that fight to protect it.

The DemonRats strategy against Trump and all Christian Conservative Republicans.
How it was used against Kavanaugh.
Funny Version
ABC News Media comes to aid DemonRat Pelosi and says DemonRats do not do this. How Then Do They Know so much about it, especially to explain it in great detail. She was bragging plain and simple, beacause she thinks she is ABOVE the LAW.
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