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TTA Token Current Value

The TTA Token is a crypto token built on the Stellar Lumens network. The value has been set to always be 5 times the value of XLM at it’s minimum. Since launching the token a number of exchanges has already taking place, locking the value in.

Currently 1 TTA = 5 XLM and 5 XLM = $0.30 USD. Making the starting price of 1 TTA = $0.30 USD.

How will TTA grow in value?

The more the TTA Token is traded, bought or sold and the more holders, help to increase the value of TTA.

What is TTA Token being used for?

TTA Token is designed to be used on Trump Train Army to help the members, authors and podcasters have a stream of income.

How will it work?

If you LIKE a news article or something another member posted, it will remove 0.00000050 TTA from your wallet and send it to the member that posted the content.

But this is just the first implementation of TTA Token. Leaving comments pays the post creator 0.00000025.

Donations are also available so members can send other members or authors TTA.

Members who want to create groups can only create 2 groups and to create a group you have pay 0.00005000 TTA. Members who join your group can donate to the group’s creator.

Invatations, members will be rewarded for sending invitations to their friends and family. Member will be rewarded 0.00000025 for every batch of invites. Invites can only be sent 4 times in 24 hours.


This is a work in progress, we will be starting a token sale starting 9/21/19. This page will be updated as more features are being rolled out.

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