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Update: MK Ultra Program Using Cell Phones 2 Program & Trigger Humans 2 Commit Mass Shootings.

We learned in previous article that the CIA and FBI can program a human to do anything they want. We also learned that it can only be done to people that are not religious, and are already pre-disposed to hateful thoughts and have low self esteem. We also learned that drugs have to be used on the person in some way to help break down the barrier between reality and dream state.

Notice the blank stares and expressions. Totally programmed using mk ultra techniques. Also, They are all pre-disposed to violence making them easy targets of programming. And all are loners or anti-social.

This can be done with application of either illegal or legal drugs. The legal drugs used are mind altering anti depressants or anxiety medications. For example, ADHD drugs. However, illegal drugs can be just as effective and will add the extra fear factor to help control the victim.

Notice the blank expressions on their faces and in their eyes. Totally programmed with mk ultra techniques. MSM will NEVER investigate or report.

Once the drugs have gotten into the persons system, then the psychiatric visits begin which allow the psychiatrist to program the victim with suggestive words and phrases that motivate the person to do whatever is necessary to alleviate the pain and stop the voices in their head. This sets in motion the desired effect of bringing the person under control to carry out whatever they choose to put into their minds to do.

Now, before cell phones, the programming was long and laborious. However, with the advent of cell phones, it became much easier to program a person with a signal being sent through the phone to stimulate the subconscious to fantasize and dream of doing a certain event. As days go by the thoughts intensify into voices with the voice being the person’s own voice telling him or her to do what they have been fantasizing about.

Notice how a VOICE can be created in a person’s mind without them knowing or being aware of what is happening.
Remember this? Still think they have no idea what happened or how? Notice how it only happened after Donald Trump was elected President? Did Obama deep state carry it out to keep Trump from Cuba?

Once the person is programmed, all that is needed then is an amplification of signals through the phone to drive the voices in their head to intensify and not stop until the act is finished.

See how modern electronics are being used as weapons against unsuspecting American Citizens?? Still think it’s all science fiction?

This is why all mass shooters have reported hearing voices in their head that would not stop and they had to make them stop. So you see, mass shootings are a direct result of Deep State manipulation of the minds of human beings, as though we are toys to play with. All with the agenda of robbing us of our freedoms, removing morality from society, and removing the individual identity in favor of a collective identity.

Still think school shootings are RANDOM???

Why would they do this you ask? Because the leaders and controllers of the Deep State are luciferian power hungry people who believe and want totalitarian socialism so they can control every aspect of everyone’s lives and most importantly, so they can live above the law and do whatever they want  to whomever they want. It’s just that simple.

Their plan to control the masses or “cattle” as they call us. Working pretty good in our day and time isn’t it?
This is how they really think and feel about the masses “cattle.” Notice the group CFR or Counsel on Foreign Relations, they are the luciferian globalist totalitarian socialist trying to dominate the world.

The following documents are pages from the mk ultra congressional committee hearings and show how unconstitutional this program was and continues to be.

Notice that the objective was to ABOLISH CONSCIOUSNESS and that HUMAN experiments would be conducted.
Notice they wanted to administer drugs to people in public without their knowledge or consent.
Notice #1 They want to promote behavior that will discredit a person in public. Make them look crazy or insane.
Notice the list of all objectives is to remove the FREE WILL of a person and turn them into a CONTROLLED HUMAN ROBOT.

If you are disturbed by this and want to help stop it, expose it, and bring those responsible to justice; then sign up at and join us as we continue to bring truth to light and build an army of Patriotic Americans that will work together as one to free our nation of globalist totalitarian socialist control before it’s too late. Thank you and God Bless us all!!!!!!

Once our numbers reach above a million, we will be able to do so much more to END MSM control of the air waves.

We the people are the strongest power on earth as long as we work together with faith in God.

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