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Why Does Speaker Pelosi Refuse To Invite President Trump For SOTU?

The Real reason speaker pelosi will not invite President Trump to congress for SOTU address to the nation is because the DemonRats do not want to be on national TV disrespecting and ignoring the Duly Elected President of the United States of America!!!!

He speaking so much TRUTH, we in trouble.

Remember last year where they all sat on their rears playing on their phones and just totally ignored and disrespected President Trump while he was speaking.


It is all part of their plan to delegitimize President Trump’s election and Presidency. They are so disgustingly UNAMERICAN!!!!

Pure Evil

If you think your freedom is not at stake, you are sadly in for a rude awakening when those DemonRats come after you for what ever reason they can rationalize to themselves. Just like the Germans found out after it was too late to fight back. The Russians under communism too.

As A Person Thinks In Their Heart, So Will They Act Accordingly.
Do You Really Think You Can Trust Politicians As UnAmerican As The DEMORATS????

Join us today on where we can all work together without censorship to eliminate the DemonRat threat. Sign up and start chatting, commenting, sharing ideas, thoughts, and support for Trump.

Where We Go One We Go All

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